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"My grandson has been at Mis Amigos since he was a baby.  He started in the Spanish Mommy and Me and now takes Spanish classes. We love this program, the staff is very knowledgeable and very loving.

If you have young children, look no further than Mis Amigos Languages." Lili Chisholm

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Mis Amigos Languages is available as an after-school program on site.

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In an increasingly complex and global world, our mission at Mis Amigos Languages is simple. To be  your child’s premier Spanish and French language immersion institution. 

Our goal is to provide each student with a robust language education from 6 months-15 years of age during the peak time for language acquisition ("window of opportunity') in which their cognitive development is at it's prime for acquiring a second or third language. 

Our vision at Mis Amigos Languages, “Where Our Worlds Come Together” is to provide an empowering environment in which your child’s Spanish and French language acquisition may be nurtured

to prosper by way of supporting their appreciation for world languages and each other's cultures. 

Program objectives of Mis Amigos Languages include the following:

    Maximizing each students' proficiency in Spanish or French in order to develop advanced  levels and be successful in both their secondary education and later in life.

    Provide a rich academic program without pressures which may hinder advancement to higher levels.

   Support and enhance each student's self confidence to master the target language outside the classroom environment.

   Provide a rich cultural experience in order to nurture and enhance each student's appreciation for cultural diversity.

In order to assist your child in attaining the benefits of being bilingual, Mis Amigos Languages is proud to offer immersion instruction in meaningful contexts.  Over thirty years of research point to immersion as the ideal method to assist students in reaching high levels of proficiency. No other method of language instruction other than living in an environment where the target language is the spoken language is as effective as immersion. 

We invite you to take a moment to get to know Mis Amigos Languages through the experiences of other parents. Visit our testimonial gallery,  sign up for a free evaluation or tour our facility.  

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