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Our Programs

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Mis Amigos Languages offers weekly/hourly Spanish and French immersion classes to individual children,  as groups of 3-4, to homeschoolers, and local schools. In an effort to make language acquisition available to as many children as possible, we provide donations and scholarships to aspiring students.

Mis Amigos-Music

Music and Vocabulary/Spanish

(6mo- 3.5 years olds)

Mis Amigos Spanish & French 

Language tutoring in Spanish or French    (2.5-15 years old).

Mis Amigos-Art

Music, Vocabulary and Culture Through Art

(2.5 - 8 years olds)

¡Buen Provecho!

Spanish Immersion through cooking class

(5-12 years old).

Mis Amiguitos
​Spanish (3-4 years old)

Private Language Tutoring

Spanish, French, and/or English

(2.5-15 years old).

Special Events