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     Español & Français
Right Staff:
Native Teachers + Psychology + ACTFL
Mis Amigos Languages was uniquely created by a team of teachers, psychologists, speech therapists and pediatricians who together combined their many years of experience in their respective fields in order to design a program that considered the “whole child’s strengths, needs and individual learning styles.
​Our expert staff is comprised of native teachers, all of which  have a vast and rich experience of the target language and early childhood education. The combined 30 years experience teaching Spanish is a unique feature of the Mis Amigos Languages teachers. Their respective backgrounds not only in language instruction but in child development  enable them provide each child a nurturing language experience.  Our Spanish
programs meet the standards of the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). 
As parents themselves of bilingual or multilingual children, the team at Mis Amigos Languages have personally experienced the joys and challenges of raising bilingual children. They share the passion and enthusiasm of teaching language and culture.
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