What our parents are saying about Mis Amigos

We are not a Spanish speaking home, and my four year son loves his Spanish class, even after a long day at school. He is correcting our pronunciation at home and enjoys teaching his little sister. Great small classes, intimate setting, warm & loving environment. My 2 year old daughter loves the music class and was quiet in the beginning, but has now started singing the songs outside of class. This class has been her first exposure to the language and every now and then she surprises me when she comes out with Spanish words. As a perk- I too am learning and have the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish when I'm there. Teachers are fantastic; wish we had room in our schedule to do the art class as well. 



                                Sam Mc C

I'm a mother of three boys and I have yet to find a place where my son loves to go to learn as he does at Mis Amigos Languages.  Not only does he feel right at home, loved and cared for, but he adores his teacher and Judith, the school's owner. Given the very small teacher/student ratio and carefully chosen Spanish curriculum, my son is making incredible progress and loving every moment of it.  Being the youngest of three boys in a home where Spanish is no longer the first language spoken, he needs all the help he can get to preserve and improve all aspects of the language: conversation, grammar, reading and writing. As a former Spanish teacher and native of Spain, I'm proud to say that this school is the best possible option for foreign language instruction regardless of the child's level of proficiency. 


                                Eva A

"Mis Amigos has a wonderful environment for kids to immerse themselves in the Spanish Language. My daughter learned how to read in Spanish (phonetically - not by recognition) with C..who is AMAZING!! She was able to transfer the same concept to English and within the month, she was also reading in English. Developmentally, she has advanced tremendously since starting MA and learning how to read there. It was a surreal thing to watch her do. Most importantly, she feels good about herself and is so happy she doesn't have to ask her big sister to read to her anymore :) Her favorite days of the week are the 2 days she goes to Mis Amigos". 


                          Lourdes H

Our four year old daughter has attended classes at Mis Amigos Languages for over two years now and she learned to read and write in Spanish at Mis Amigos, even before she did so in English.  Their teachers are very skilled, creative and effective and our daughter feels very much at home there. She also attended Mis Amigos' summer camp last year and loved it! 


               Joel Rosenhoch 

My granddaughter did not want to speak Spanish before coming to Mis Amigos Languages. Since starting there he is now speaking to others in Spanish and has learned to read as well. The staff are very knowledgeable, caring, and provide a wonderful learning environment. This is the best thing you can do for a child.  Great opportunity, I can't thank them enough for what they have done for my little one.          


                        Betty Paredes


I am not just loyal to but thrilled beyond what I am able to articulate with Mis Amigos! We have been with them for years and I hope we continue to be there. My son’s skills and love for Spanish are nurtured and inspired in a way and to a level I am unwilling to gamble for any other program! Moreover, the owner and staff are just amazing...they get it...this is a solid curriculum both academically and culturally.

                         Dawn Herman

I have been at Mis Amigos  for over 10 years now. I credit them with my daughter's fluency in spanish. My son will follow suit. Their knowledge and care for the children is second to none. I highly recommend them! 

            Beverly H.

My daughter has been attending Mis Amigos Languages since she was 9 months old when she started with Mommy & Me. I have maintained her in classes all along and today she is fully fluent in both Spanish and French. 

            Alegry L

I started with one daughter in Mommy & Me, today she speaks Spanish and French fluently. My other two daughters have begun with Spanish and French at age 3. They are on their way to being tri lingual. The entire staff at Mis Amigos Languages is like an extension of family. My children love it there!

            Jacqueline V. R.

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