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Research based spiral curriculums.

All curriculums utilized by Mis Amigos Languages are research based and proven to be successful in teaching the target language. Our programs meet the standards of the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) while emphasizing vocabulary acquisition, fluency in conversation, comprehension, correct grammar, and pronunciation. Our focus is on enhancing student’s ability to comprehend and interact in the target language by continuously increasing exposure to new vocabulary and themes. At higher levels, Mis Amigos Languages students of our Spanish immersion program  are exposed to more in-depth subject matter to advance linguistic development of the target language. Proficiency develops gradually as students master new vocabulary and contexts, so that they increasingly gain control over the new language.

​Language Immersion. 

Native teachers conduct classes entirely in the target language. Instructional techniques such as *TPR (total physical response), modeling, context clues, visuals, or dramatic gestures are incorporated to maximize understanding without the need for translation. Reading and writing in the target language are introduced as means of communicating so that students recognize the connection between written and oral language.















​Small Class Sizes.

Class sizes of 3-4 students are designed to maximize both the level of individual attention and the level of interaction required among students and teachers participating in an immersion program.​​​

Age- Appropriate Units.

All thematic units are age and developmentally appropriate, designed to motivate student learning, increase vocabulary retention, and maximize the learning that occurs in these short blocks of time. Mis Amigos Languages affords each child the ability to think and learn in their own style of learning (i.e. logical, mathematical, linguistic, spatial/visual, kinesthetic, musical, naturalistic, interpersonal or intrapersonal) as per the Theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University.

Creative/interactive non-threatening environment. 

We believe that the most important element in teaching children a second language is to provide a creative and nurturing learning environment that builds self-esteem. Materials are presented in a creative yet familiar and comfortable manner.  Emphasis is placed on motivating each child, enhancing their confidence and increasing their focus, comprehension and conversational skills. Independent of each child’s background in language instruction, we will make sure each student receives the successful strategies to increasingly excel in their language instruction.

Placement Evaluations.

 All students are evaluated for placement based on their age and linguistic competence.

Benchmark Evaluations. 

The progress of each student is determined through the use of comprehensive evaluation tools including unit assessment charts that assess the child’s progress in order to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. The information obtained from the assessments is used to evaluate  the transition into higher levels and serves to identify areas of need.







​Our Methodology​​​​​

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  What you can expect at Mis Amigos Languages

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