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Many years of research dictates that early language acquisition peaks during the ages of birth and twelve years of age. This is not because they are 'sponges', but because they are in a 'critical period' or 'window of opportunity' for language acquisition (Eric Lennenberg, Ellen Bialystock, Patricia Khul).  It is during this time tht the greatest growth of executive function takes place in the brain of bilingual and multilingual children allowing for increased 'toggling' in the brain, which leads to enhanced problem-solving abilities as one of the many benefits acquired by bilingual and multilingual children. 'Functional plasticity' or flexibility in the brain decreases as children enter puberty. It is at this time that the brain laterizes or compartmentalizes with the information becoming rigid. Because of our background in child psychology, Mis Amigos Languages is able to understand how these research applies to language acquisition and incorporate it into our teaching methods.


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