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What a valuable class this is!

My daughter gets to practice what she has learned in Spanish class in a 'practical life' manner"

Testimonial by:  Lynn Markham 
Mother and homeschool educator of 6 year old non-native Spanish
student at Mis Amigos Languages
Through this “hands on” and “practical life” class children being immersed  in the Spanish language at Mis Amigos Languages, will simultaneously learn about culture through exposure to traditional foods from around the world. They will also learn about nutrition and healthy choices.  Through ordering, classifying, differentiating the various sizes and measuring they are also working on spatial concepts, math and science. In preparing the simple recipes children will demonstrate their ability to follow directions along with their listening and comprehension skills. In doing so, they are able focus on their project independently, which will provide them a feeling of competence. Additional benefits for this class include the child’s ability to work collaboratively with other children and demonstrate respect for other’s work. During the process of preparing the meals, children will also engage their sensory skills as they are able to taste, apply smell differentiation skills and touch the food texture.
As an added self –esteem component, following the class children will able to either eat with their friends while they exchange on their experiences or they may take home their completed project to share with the family. Children will be able to practice the skills learned in class at home during meal preparation and while eating out at a restaurant. This class will provide children who are shy about speaking Spanish a wonderful opportunity to lower their inhibitions and increase their verbal output.
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