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Mis Amigos Art

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                            Language + Art =
          cognitive, motor, expressive improvement


Spanish, Vocabulary, and Culture through Art
(2.5-6 year olds)


Throughout this one hour child-centered yet parent/child interactive art class, children are exposed to a new language and culture by means of their own creativity. All art projects at this Mis Amigos Languages language through culture class are multi-sensory projects  designed to stimulate the imagination as a new language is introduced. Consequently, numerous benefits are derived. First, there is increased interaction between child and parent/caregiver, increased socialization with other children in the target language. Then vocabulary, in the target language, is enhanced. There is also an increased understanding of the vocabulary as measured by means of a child’s ability to interpret.  In addition to the motor benefits from the physical use of the art manipulative, both expressive (ability to communicate) and receptive (ability to understand) language goals are integrated in the class activities. The enthusiasm and interest in art projects in each child increases self-esteem and is used to enhance and elicit language. The combination of all of these accomplishments is celebrated along with the child’s artistic expression. Classes take place on a weekly basis.


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