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       Language + Music= Scholastic Improvement

Mis Amigos Music

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¡Buenos Días Mis Amigos! 


(6months-3.5 year olds)

Our language immersion, which begins at birth, continues at Mis Amigos Languages at 6 months of age through our music and vocabulary immersion program " ¡Buenos Días Mis Amigos!. This class  offers the first immersion to Spanish to children born to native and non-native speakers. During the one hour ¡Buenos Días Mis Amigos!, parents and children engage in singing, dancing and movement sessions as a means of immersing children  to Spanish vocabulary  during the critical years of brain development. Because children naturally love music and song, they receive the benefits of listening to and speaking the target language. Words and phrases are easier to remember when combined with music. During class, the love for song holds the child’s interest, which leads to repetition outside the class environment, therefore, reinforcing the language lesson learned in class. Classes take place on a weekly basis. In order to maximize learning, class sizes are small, limited to 6 students and a parent. Students are placed in classes based on developmental age. Call today for placement options.




Vocabulary & Spanish

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